Friday, 14 October 2011

Now your blogs content generation can be outsourced.

One of the unanimous message that pro-bloggers give to upcoming bloggers is to have their own individuality in writing. I hear them saying all the time that don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself !
and I agree…
and then I come across the news that now you can outsource your blogging content. The whole point of blogging is being personal and distinctive, and I suppose 99% o
f all the blogs are that way. Please note that I may be wrong. I may not be totally in touch with the current blogging trend- and Blog content outsourcing may be gaining acceptance, but in my book, it is not something that cannot be outsourced.
Here is description of services as mentioned on the site and my comment to go with it:
Let us say you would like to create a blog or you want to expand an existing blog, is it possible to outsource the writing to one of our writers in India? Well yes and no but mostly yes. It all depends on whether you think a blog is outsourceable.
At the heart of blogging lies the passion of bloggers sharing their experiences, stories, ideas and complaints. Some might say that this passion and stories and personality can’t be outsourced. Others would suggest that it can be outsourced especially if a two person team could do it. They could produce more content than one especially if one person is aggregating content and the main author is writing and providing the personality (Jay Leno doesn’t do everything).
We are not talking about creating a website with informative content, we are talking about blogging where the content is expressed in a distinct and individual way. Offcourse, Jay Leno does not do everything, but the Jay Leno USP is the way he presents the information and not the information itself. The example itself gives you the answer.
The USP of blogging is personalization !
A large portion of bloggers spend their time researching and aggregating information anyway. A lot of work goes into preparing blog links RSS /XML icons and other webmaster functions. And a lot of time goes into online research. So can the main writer outsource this cumbersome job to another writer (in India)? Our answer is: Yes, of course.
The answer is NO – A resounding NO again. he could surely outsource the webmaster functions, but not the writing
If you believe bogging can be outsourced and want to improve and expand your blog then chillibreeze is here to help. We can even try and match your passion with an Indian writer with similar interests and knowledge domain. If you knew our Indian writers you would realize this is potentially a dynamic and synergistic combination. So there you have it: Ghostwriting a blog can work!
Yes, I completely believe that you have very talented writers, but surely you cannot write what I want. If I ask you to criticize your own service as part of my blog, Can you do it….NO
Our writers can complement your writing and provide additional help. Some of our writers are medical doctors, scientists, journalists, techies, business professionals, gaming pros, stay-at-home moms, avid shoppers, mathematicians and other diverse people. No wonder we have full confidence in the potential of outsourcing blogging to India. Thomas L. Friedman points out that in 2001, India had almost a million more students graduating from college than the United States. Chillibreeze offers you an opportunity to work together with one of these bright people.
Blogging is changing by the day and the traditional bloggers may soon be overwhelmed by a rush to create blogs that are a niche source of information. Blogs are facing extreme competition to keep ahead in the race. We will give your blog a boost or a double boost if you want two people ghostwriting your blog. You will not get left behind.
Chillibreeze blog writers can assist in aggregating content, promoting and networking the blog, providing technical assistance, editing and proofing, webmaster services, discovering new blogging tactics and a variety of other things that will go on to give your blog the popularity it deserves.
Yes, you can aggregate content, promote and network, provide technical assistance, edit and proof, give webmaster services, discover new blogging tactics —But you cannot write my blog the way I want.


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