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Why Guest Blogging?

Guest Blog PostThis is answer to your questions “what’s? Or why’s?” to guest blogging. Let’s start with brief of guest blogging…
Guest blogging is done by bloggers to expose a way to network with other people within the blogosphere by exchange of content, grow interaction with other’s blog readers, and increase traffic for your own blogs. In simple words, authorize way to catch other bloggers traffic to your blog without harming their interest.
Few industry experts like: Kristi Hines did a comparison between Guest Blogging and Article Marketing and found Guest Blogging on a better side than Article Marketing.
You can start with guest blogging by following this link but before taking a step ahead have a look on some benefits which make you more clear on way to come with clear goals .

Some benefits to Guest blogging:

  • Exposes you to a new audience: Share your ideas to their audience and inspiring them by inviting. Make them aware with new ideas & specific topic.
  • Share Links: Guest blogging is a fairly easy way to get custom anchor-text, high quality one way backlinks to your website. If you want traffic from other blogs, you will get links & links control the web.
  • Get Branding: It will introduce you on the web, your name and your blog are your brand, and guest blogging helps you get them out there in your industry.
  • Increase Traffic: The basic fundamental of guest blogging is to get traffic one has a website which gets traffic. It’s that important, and guest blogging provides it.
  • Fill in a gap: From a long time if you can’t able to get new people on your site, invite other people to share on the blog in order to keep the frequency of posts up. By catching new people you fill the gap of new traffic.
  • Get Subscribers: The readers of a blog are more important than anything else, if you can get in front of an audience on another site; it’s likely that they’re going to subscribe to your feed. Subscribers are the life and soul of a blog.
  • Get Credit: When readers are used to reading posts written by a you , they sometimes assume that a guest post was written by you.
Guest blogging is a great situation for all parties involved. Blog owners win because they get excellent, free content for their site and bloggers win because they get more links and more subscribers on their blog.

Guest Blogging Guidelines:

Guest blog post submission process is extremely simple and as long as you follow these guidelines, almost guaranteed:
  • Relevant Content – To maximize the benefits of your article, it has to be on one of the topics covered on the blog, to ensure good response. Simply look at the list of categories to decide what content should be submitted.
  • Useful Information – People read blogs because they assume they are going to get useful information from them. Therefore, your writing style must not be trying too hard to sell itself.
  • Unique and Exclusive Content – article has to be uniquely written and not published else after approval. Failure to follow this simple rule will get your article deleted from our database.
  • Up to 3 Links per Article – You can take benefit of up to 3 links with desired anchor tags (obviously relevant) from your article and it could be from the body of article and Author details. You choose where to place the link, as long as you confirm to the rule.
  • Only Relevant Product Reviews – Self or affiliate promotions will not be accepted be it your product or someone else’s. You can include a link to site where you do those type of promotions but not linked directly.
  • Author Byline – You can include you image, real name or your “nickname”. I recommend that at least one of the links from your byline should lead to a page where readers can learn more about you.
  • Formatting –Will reject any submissions that have un-formated text. Do cross check to make sure, formatting is correct.
Contact me to apply for guest blogging on this blog…

How To Write A Good Blog

If you are thinking about starting to blog, I’m sure you are wondering how to write a good blog.  You don’t want to throw online just any old thing. Make a blog that you can be proud of.  If your friends and family come to it, make sure they would impressed!
So, how do you write a good blog?  Let’s talk about some of the key points.
It is very important to post to your blog regularly and consistently.  In other words, don’t post five times one week and then skip a few weeks before posting again.  Your readers will not know when (or if) you’re going to post again, so they will probably just give up on it and go elsewhere.  Don’t let that happen.
Try to post at least once a week, a few times is better.  Put a form on your blog to allow people to sign up for email updates, so that they know when you write a new post.
Include Some of “You”
People find blogs interesting that show a little of who you are as a person.  Yes, your blog may be all about business, but people want to get to know the person behind the business.  Without getting too personal, share some details of your life (with discretion) with your readers.  It will help build trust as they get to know you and find out they relate to you in some way.
Use Pictures
Pictures add so much to a blog!  Try to include one image in every post you write.  You can either take the pictures yourself or get them online.  There are some free sites that will allow you to use their images with just a link back to the artist.  Others charge a small fee to buy and use the image.
Make sure the images are relevant to the post.  Don’t post pictures of your dog or kids when you are writing about internet marketing:-)
Where To Get All That Content

If a good blog means posting regularly, how do you come up with consistent quality content?  You have some options.
  • Invite guest bloggers to write posts for your blog
  • Hire someone to write the blog for you (not really recommended as they will not have your voice so your readers won’t get to know YOU.)
  • PLR Content – buy some PLR and use it on your blog.  You can edit PLR and add to it your own stories and examples.  But it gives you a great starting point.  Online, you can find great internet marketing PLR, as well as health, pet, and various other niche PLR.
If you follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to write a good blog!
Are you ready to get started blogging, or get your current blog going stronger?  Grab some quality internet marketing PLR and keep your content fresh and updated.

How to Create Great Blog Post Graphics – Tools

There has been a significant rise in no. of tool for enhancing blog post graphics which has result in few simple steps for bloggers to create their own custom images to personify their posts.
A Blog is a total package; even the brilliance of writing could easily be held back because of dull or irrelevant pictures or videos, design and formatting along with easiness of access to the posts. Even some of the average posts get away with an extraordinary video or amazing image that could lead to great success. Including, once you create a great image, in every probability, it could be utilized by some other person as well in return you could earn a link back to you.
Images are essential to establishing the theme of a post. Many of us, put all the efforts in finding the ideal free or paid stock photos. Any image chosen by us, must have some sort of creative input from us to charm prospective readers. E.g., if your blog post is on how to improve your writing – don’t use a stock photo of someone writing. If your post is all about holding effective meetings – don’t use a stock photo of smiling people in an office.
One doesn’t require to have the knowledge of Photoshop to make a few incredible alterations and customizations, particularly when there is every too available easily. Some of these great tools are mentioned here:


An online photo editor, Pixlr contains many basic features for adding special effects to images. One of its best features to play with is the Retro Effects.
It is quite similar to famous photography apps like Instagram. It brings unbelievable effects to give an image its unique look.


Steve Blog Graphics
It is a go-to screenshot and screen cast software. It can be used for blog post graphics and for lot more things. It gives us the easiest ways to add something to an image. It sits idle as a tiny globe at the top of desktop screen until we require it; the same can also be described as a shortcut key.  It also include some of the basic editing options – such as adding text, arrows, highlights, lines.


Blog Steve Graphics
It is an online equivalent of Photoshop because of its features and simplicity of accessibility. It even has layer capabilities in case, if you’re into that sort of thing. It is the program which could be found easiest way to take an image and blur parts of it before republishing.


It includes some of the similar features in Splashup, however, what really sets it apart are some of the preset effects and add-ons, instead of typical editing features. If someone is looking to create animated GIFs from an image, Lunapic’s provides the best and easiest online tool.

Content Monetization Methods with How To

Content monetization is the method of earning money by writing content for various websites, such as: e-zines, blogs etc.
There are numerous ways to carry out this method. You can get paid by selling your content or by involving yourself in web-based writing opportunities. In the 1st method, buyers of your content could be anybody from book publishers to record labels to artists. In the 2nd method, you can take part in any of thousands of options existing all over the internet. Many of these possibilities come up by the use of Google AdSense, sale of consultancy or advertising for any local small business.
Knowing this technique is very important in order to develop your text as per your readers’ expectations. In attempt to grasp the attention of your readers, you’ll have to write the content considering the particular audience’s preferences in mind. It is vital, if you are writing with a cause in mind. You require to communicate the cause you have in mind.
Likewise, if you are writing for a tabloid or magazine, you have to write articles or features in a certain way that instantly get the reader’s attention. You get paid through writing compelling piece that editors of the tabloid or magazine want to pay you for. Furthermore, you require making it an amazing article for those who desire to promote in your tabloid, so that it can earn from business relations, readers and advertisers.
In case of advertising, you need to devise the content in relation to the related market – you have to make prospective consumers of your products or services know about the qualities of your product. Your purpose is to induce them about the superiority of your product or services and purchase them.
You could also sell your business ideas, for which you have to spotlight your content on the ideas. It enables the customers to see your ideas again and again and get familiarized to them. In case, you own a website, you can enhance your income from your website by advertising with the help of e-marketing tricks and tools such as Google’s AdSense, paid posts and link insertion.
You may argue that why would you require every bit of this information since you write your content as part of your hobby. However, why not get paid from your hobby? Wouldn’t it be great if your hobby and income joined hands? If you want to enhance your blogging income, you can use link addition as a simple tool for content monetization of your blog. All you require to do is to put in some java script code in your site and it monetizes your site automatically. The affiliate program will use words and phrases from your blog and employ them to link it to relevant advertisers.
I’ll be the happiest person if you start earning online after reading this article. All the best everyone!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore
Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Shahrukh Khan In Indore for Don 2 Promotion, Don 2 Team In Indore

Monday, 5 December 2011

How To Start a Business at age 13?-

Recently an avid reader of this blog has asked me a question,
I am 13 and I want to start a Business at age 13. Kindly let me know that Is there any legal age limit to start a Business and registering a company at the age of 13? How can I start my own Business at age 13?
Well, as far as I know you should be at least 18 before you register a legal entity for your Business. However, it doesn’t mean that you can not start your own business before 18. You can start your Business as Hobby even before the age of 18 also and once you reach 18, you can register a company and do all the legal formalities.
Say for Example – Blogging. If you want to start a Blog Business and you are below 18, than you can not register a company but it doesn’t mean that you can not start blogging as a Business. You can start blogging as a Hobby and later on you can register a company on your 18th Birthday.
If you ask me about which business to start at this much early age than I recommend you to start your own Internet Business. You can start anyone or more of the followings.
- Blog Business
- Websites
- Articles Directories
- Forums
- Facebook Applications
- iPhone Applications
- Online Gaming Business
- eBay Store
- Social Networks
- Online Applications
- Or anything else online….
There are wide varieties of Internet Businesses that you can start from scratch at the age of 13. I always encourage school going kids to start their own Business as early as possible in their lives because in the real world there is nothing like a “Job Security”. In fact, Not having your own Business & Investments is a risky thing.

Vivek Patil
So Start your own Business at the age of 13 and believe me, you will become more rich and financially free than everyone else in your age group…!!!

Mr. Vivek Patil

Digital Marketing
SEO Consultant
Network Security

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