Friday, 14 October 2011

Business and Personal Blogging: How are they different?

the indian blogging scenario thumb Business and Personal Blogging: How are they different?Blogging and Social Networking are currently the buzzwords on Indian Internet scene. They are no more limited to individuals. Small and large businesses alike are understanding the power and importance of these trends. They have now become an integral part of business strategies.
So what are the fundamental differences between a personal blog and a business or corporate blog?
Although they use the same technology, they are completely different in their focus, reasoning, style and presentation.
Blogging phenomenon started with individuals, who kind of maintained their Internet diary and made them public. Slowly, people started voicing their
opinions and expressing themselves freely, which was a hit amongst Internet
audience. Blogging started gaining popularity when Google came up with their free blogging platform, where an individual could setup a blog within minutes and start publishing. It is estimated that currently their are more than 90 million blogs on the Internet and cover nearly every subject known to man.

If you do a Google search for any keyword, you will be amazed to see that at least 2-3 of the search results are from blogs and in some cases even more than that.
The influence of personal blogging increased to such an extent that small and large business started adopting it worldwide with much success. It has become a communication tool between the company and its existing and potential customers.
If you own an online business, it is taken for granted that you have a blog !
Although a Business Blog need not be completely formal and by the book, they need to ensure that companies’ image does not suffer due to the topics and language used on its corporate blog. I have earlier published 6 important points for corporate bloggers that need to be taken care of, otherwise a Business blog can do more harm than good.
In conclusion, a personal blog does not really have any boundaries and the blogger can choose to publish whatever he likes (or dislikes). However, in case of Business or corporate blogs, the content published has to be moderated and well thought out before it appears in the public domain.


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