Friday, 14 October 2011

5 Innovations that will change our lives in next 5 years !

The world is changing so fast ! Compare your lives 5 years ago and today. You will atleast find 10 innovations that has changed your life. Look at blogging itself, Just 4 years back no one knew what blogging was and now probably most time spent on the internet is by way of blogging, we currently have more than 75 million blogs and we are adding roughly 200,000 blogs daily.
Now that is a whole lot !
I have been trying to come up with a list of innovations in immediate future (next 4-5 years) that will change the way we work, play and live. These are the inputs of some 150,000 people from 104 countries who took part in “InnovationJam,” a recent online brainstorming session…
So, here are the “next five in five”:

  • We will be able to access healthcare remotely, from just about anywhere in the world.

  • Real-time speech translation-once a vision only in science fiction-will become the norm

  • There will be a 3-D Internet

  • Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance

  • Our mobile phones will come close to reading our minds

  • Indepth details on this report available on IBM


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