Friday, 14 October 2011

It’s Time to transform your marketing!

The rules of marketing are changing rapidly – Social Media is now becoming  an important aspect of marketing for every small & large business – Be it offline or online.
Google Business Card It’s Time to transform your marketing!
Take a look at this following presentation created by Social Media Marketing agency Hubspot. Although, the numbers given are more for US consumers, it holds true for all globally.
In India, Internet penetration is still at the growth stage and Social Media is just catching up. However, we are at an advantage given the fact that we can see & replicate how western companies are effectively using Internet & Social Media for successes of their businesses.
Some of the numbers given in this presentation are literally mind-boggling.

It is Time to transform your marketing

The presentation is 64 slides long, but I urge you to go through it – Its high time you transform your marketing now !


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