Friday, 14 October 2011

Are Bloggers powerful sneezers ?

Yes, Bloggers are powerful sneezers, no doubt !
Suhail Farooqui of Mouthshut uses this analogy in an article appeared on . Here is a short excerpt from it.
He mentions that of bloggers are ?powerful sneezers?, as anything they post on the web passes on like ?viral fever?. ?They go online and start sneezing, and everyone catches it,? joked Farooqui. This is particularly alarming in the case of negative reviews. ?Google makes the dirt easy to find,? he quipped.
The web also allows for a unique phenomenon: Anyone can be a publisher in five minutes. ?UGC is breaking the walls between a publisher and the public,? Farooqui said. ?Compare this to the age of mass media monopoly, where things were controlled by editors.?
What Suhail mentions is exactly the scenario currently. I have earlier given example on power of blogging and how the new media (blogging and social networking) is taking everyone by storm. The internet is not same anymore.
Anything and everything is analyzed, scrutinized and torn apart. The quality stuff gets overwhelming recognition, whereas an average product gets buried for ever.
power of blogging Are Bloggers powerful sneezers ? Internet users are expressing themselves in a way they have never done before, thanks to blogging and social networking. I am excited at the very thought of how this phenomenon is changing the our lives for good.
Take this example Silky Kumar Video (Actually a prelude to long run ad campaign for AXE Deo). Here a blogger figured out something that he was not supposed to and it spread like fire. This may have cost the agency involved quite a bit.
Like I have mentioned innumerable times before, Blogging is going to be bigger form of communication than what email is today.
Bloggers are having significant influence on the future of start-ups. They have the power to make or break them.
Love them or hate them- you surely cannot ignore them !


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