Sunday, 17 June 2012

Indian Weddings dowry system - Satyamev Jay

This was the third installment of the new trending TV Show, Aamir Khan Productions Satyamev Jayate, which is entitled as 'Big Fat Indian Weddings'.Watch it from below, if you haven't did it till now:

This Episode discusses the current view of Indian Parents and Teenagers about marriages.
Marriage, in my opinion, is an extreme divine function in which two heart becomes one, without respect to Religion, Caste, or Race! But, now-a-days, it is becoming like a business transaction. Aamir Khan gets our mind go through some real life shocking incidents that is happening in present day India. He says that in current India, wives are becoming servants instead of being life partner.
The guy who swore before fire, that he would give her a shoulder to lean on, when she is sad, that he would, share happiness with her, himself is being the traitor!
Today, even though the dowry system has come to an end by the Government of India, its still happening illegally. According to the Groom's Parents, the marriage is just a business transaction, where they are considering the Bride as a Product. Some in-laws would say that they dont need any cash or any other medium of dowry, but in such homes, Bride will have to suffer a highly humiliating life. Aamir advises the parents of Bride, not to accept the marriage, even if they demand a small thing, because after marriage, demands will gradually rise. He advises them not to put their heads on the rail, knowing the train is coming. He says that actions can easily be taken by the Brides/Parents of brides, if any kind of demands (considering it as a kind of dowry) or humiliation towards wives through police.

And he redirects our consciousness towards Santhosh, a happily married man without any kind of dowries. Through this we can understand that there are still few good people. Then he shows us how can dowries be avoided by taking actions through a community, with an example of Biwandi region, where there is law that there should be no Band, Baaja, or Baraat (Any kind of show offs), on marriages. If this is violated, some communal actions will be taken against the Parents of Groom.

And he also says that we should always prefer an ordinary marriage, without any show offs, as in Biwandi, and we should take North-East states as models for such things, where Groom's side have to take all money for marriage.

And at last he says that, marriage should not be an atom bomb, where the life will be blown up, but an agarbathi, where the life is filled with fragrance of happiness!

The show Satyamev Jayate is an awesome programme which shows some true, but
should-be-abolished faces of India! Hats off to Aamir Khan, who gave us a surprise by hoisting such a program!

If you haven't watched the theme song of Satyamev Jayate yet, hear it too! Its a must watch, if you ask me!!!


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