Sunday, 17 June 2012

Child abuse in india -Satyamev Jayate

Every child in this world is a gift, but hardly are they given the respect that they deserve. Child abuse is a very serious issue going around the world at present time. And the worst part is most of the cases are not reported. Running away is not the only choice we are left with when disasters happen in our life. I can’t deny the fact that most of the child abusers are the part of family or the person who is close to that child, on whom we can trust. How anyone can be so brutal? Abusing a child, what worse could anyone think of?
According to UNICEF, violence against children can be "physical and mental abuse and injury, neglect or negligent treatment, exploitation and sexual abuse. Violence may take place in homes, schools, orphanages, residential care facilities, on the streets, in the workplace, in prisons and in places of detention." Such violence can affect the normal development of a child impairing their mental, physical and social being. In extreme cases abuse of a child can result in death.

The report also says that the government is planning several things to help the child to get out of this issue. But this is just for the sake of satisfaction of people. There are lots of amendments made, several plans proposed but hardly any one of them has worked in respect with this issue. The reason behind this is simple. It’s not the government whom we have to blame. Anything bad goes in the country all we do is sit and blame the government for it. We don’t try to do anything against it. It’s we, who are the creator of all such issues. Instead of blaming the government for each and everything if we look inside ourselves then we may come to know how corrupted are we people. Government is a system of which we are the major part. Every people can contribute to make our country free from all such issues only if we try to correct ourselves. 

And I feel ashamed when I reveal this report which says that in a government commissioned survey it has been found that more than 53% of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse, but most don't report the assaults to anyone. The survey covered different forms of child abuse — “physical, sexual and emotional” — as well as female child neglect, found that two out of every three children have been physically abused. The survey was carried out across 13 states over the country and with a sample size of 12,447, revealed that 53.22% of children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse, with Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Assam and Delhi reporting the highest percentage of such incidents. In 50% of child abuse cases, the abusers were known to the child or were in a position of trust and responsibility and most children did not report the matter to anyone. Of all the children physically abused in families, in 88.6% of the cases, it was the parents who were the perpetrators. More than 50% had been sexually abused in ways that ranged from severe — “such as rape or fondling” — to milder forms of molestation that included forcible kissing. The study examined two forms of emotional abuse: humiliation and comparison. Half the children reported facing emotional abuse with 83% of that abuse begin conducted by parents. Girl child neglect was assessed girls comparing themselves to their brothers on factors like attention, food, recreation time, household work, taking care of siblings, etc. 70.57% of girls reported having been neglected by family members. 48.4% of girls wished they were boys. 27.33% of girls reported getting less food then their brothers.

Wake up from the deepest of your slumbers. Think before you act. Your every act may affect several other lives. Every child is special; make them feel how special they are. A little amount of care, a little amount of love may change several lives.


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