Monday, 10 October 2011

A Boy and Girl mets after they Broke Up...

Boy: hi

Girl: HI…how you doing ?
but in heart ****( Are your Okay ? )
Boy: am doing great(not fine at All without You)……
Boy: what about you ?
Girl: Am doing perfect….(but Dieing Inside)
Boy: That’s Good ( I Know what’s Going ON You )
Girl: So…..?
Boy : So what else ??
Girl: your new girlfriend is pretty (i bet that she stole your heart)

Boy: yeah she is ( but you still the most beautiful girl i know)

Girl: i heard she is funny and amazing (all the stuff i wasn’t)
Boy: for sure she is ( but she is nothing compared to you)
Girl: i bet you know everything about her by now (like how you know everything about me)
Boy: only the stuff that count (i can’t remember what she says when i think of you)
Girl: well i hope you last (cause we never did )
Boy: i hope we do too (whatever happened to me and you)
Girl: well i got to go (before i start to cry)
Boy: yeah me too (I hope you don’t Cry Cause I cant see You cry)
Girl: bye (i still love you </3 )
Boy: Bye………….. Later. :( i never stopped Loving you ) </3 :’( :’(
Never Keep your Feeling in your Heart...

Alwayz express it before you loose everything.. !


  1. Hey this one seems really very touching and real. Exactly this happens when we meet out lover after a long break up. Things those seemed broken seems repairing now. Even we take every joke seriously and give so much space to our lover now. Thanks for expressing all these things in your blog. I am looking forward for more.