Sunday, 16 October 2011

Inside the Google’s Headquarters “Googleplex”

Google’s headquarters based at Mountain View, California is named as “the Googleplex”, a play on words on the number googolplex and the headquarters itself being a set of incredible and  interesting set  of buildings. Apart from free WiFi  which whole of Mountain View enjoys free of cost there is more to it. So lets see what’s inside the Google’s Enterprise which is undoubtedly full of innovation.
Some fun facts about the place are that the lobby is decorated with a piano, lava lamps, old server clusters, and a projection of search queries on the wall. The hallways are full of exercise balls and bicycles. Each employee has access to the corporate recreation center.
Recreational amenities are scattered throughout the campus and include a workout room with weights and rowing machines, locker rooms, washers and dryers, a massage room, assorted video games, table football, a baby grand piano, a billiard table, and ping pong. In addition to the recording room, there are snack rooms stocked
with various foods and drinks, with special emphasisplaced on nutrition. Free food is available to employees 24/7, with paid vending machines prorated favoring nutritional value.
So here the pictures. Have a look ! If you enjoy these do leave your comments below.
It might seem as all work and no play but folks at Google might have a different view !


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