Saturday, 8 October 2011

How to Get Maximize Money from Ads on your Blog

Are you looking for methods to get maximize money from online ads on your blog or website? There are many articles doing the rounds on the internet at the present time that ask us to buy a certain product or subscribe to a service and make a lot of money from it. Well, these are all false talk as all these things do not work and you lose a lot of money on these products. It takes a lot of time, patience and sincere hard work to take your site at a level where it starts earning well.

I hope to have got your attention by now, so, I am going to tell you from some personal experiences how you can make your blog successful over a period of time and make good money from it. It is a totally false notion that you can make instant and quick money from your blog.

Here are a few ways which will help you make a considerable amount of money from your blog over a period of time.
1. Limit the number of adverts on your site:
It is better to opt for a single, quality ad on your bog than including twenty nonsensical ads on your site to begin with. Having a number of ads on your website may look good on the mathematical point of view but it does not work from the psychological side. Having a single ad which is directly related to the content that you are posting is a far better option.
You have to look at it from the point of view of the visitor to your blog page. I personally hate it when I land on someone’s bog which contains more adverts than content. If the article that you were reading was based on watches, would you be interested to look at an advert which is about mineral water?
Hence, it is always better to opt for fewer ads which are directly related to the content that you post which are targeted at your readers.
2. Text links:
These are another brilliant way to advertise on your website. You can try it out now while you are going through this very article. Have you noticed the ads which are placed on the sidebar for example? Most of you will not notice them since you are hooked to the article which is at the center of your screens rather than the periphery of the web page.
So, it is always a good option to put your adverts on the center of the page, within the text of the articles that you post, so that they are visible to your readers.
There are many methods of doing it but the most popular and effective way is to use an affiliate site. Link to the product pages from the contents of your post. For example, you can use the name of a movie in your article and create a link to Amazon where they sell the DVD’s of the film.
3. Make visitor’s participate:
Call your visitors to action, whereby you are ask them to do something for you within the context of the article. If you are writing an article for a movie, say The Social Network, you can ask your visitors to look at the DVD by including a link like the following within the article:
“Click to purchase The Social Network DVD from”
You will be amazed at the response that you get for putting up such links. Make the links distinct and brighter than the rest of the article so that it attracts your readers.
4. Reviews:
Include this section as it helps create a bond between you and your readers. It serves extremely well as a good way to advertise on your blog and even builds a reputation for your site.
If you endorse a positive review of a product, you are telling your visitors why you like the particular product and the benefits of it. Along with this, you are also asking them to go to the product page from your link.
Be honest about the product when you write a review. It is not a good idea to boast about a product which is no good. Your readers will not be happy if they buy the product because you endorsed it, only to find out later that it is absolutely useless.


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