Saturday, 8 October 2011

20 Reasons why your Online Business Has Failed

There are many online business on internet and most of them are based on blogging, services and products. Not many of them succeed in online ventures, here are the 20 possible reasons why they fail in online business.

20 Reasons why your online business fail:

  • You don’t offer free original content.
  • You don’t use a signature file on your e-mails.
  • You don’t offer free software.
  • You don’t have your own domain name.
  • You don’t offer a free contest or sweepstakes.
  • You don’t test and improve your ad copy.
  • You don’t offer a free web site directory.
  • You don’t give people any urgency to buy now.
  • You don’t offer a free e-zine.
  • You don’t attract the target audience that would buy your product or service.
  • You don’t offer a free community.
  • You don’t let people read your ad before they get your freebie.
  • You don’t offer a free affiliate program.
  • You don’t make your web site look professional.
  • You don’t offer a free online service.
  • You don’t give people as many ordering options as possible.
  • You don’t offer free current information.
  • You don’t let people know anything about your business.
  • You don’t offer free samples of your product or service.
  • You don’t make people feel safe and secure when they order.


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