Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Guest Blogging?

Guest Blog PostThis is answer to your questions “what’s? Or why’s?” to guest blogging. Let’s start with brief of guest blogging…
Guest blogging is done by bloggers to expose a way to network with other people within the blogosphere by exchange of content, grow interaction with other’s blog readers, and increase traffic for your own blogs. In simple words, authorize way to catch other bloggers traffic to your blog without harming their interest.
Few industry experts like: Kristi Hines did a comparison between Guest Blogging and Article Marketing and found Guest Blogging on a better side than Article Marketing.
You can start with guest blogging by following this link but before taking a step ahead have a look on some benefits which make you more clear on way to come with clear goals .

Some benefits to Guest blogging:

  • Exposes you to a new audience: Share your ideas to their audience and inspiring them by inviting. Make them aware with new ideas & specific topic.
  • Share Links: Guest blogging is a fairly easy way to get custom anchor-text, high quality one way backlinks to your website. If you want traffic from other blogs, you will get links & links control the web.
  • Get Branding: It will introduce you on the web, your name and your blog are your brand, and guest blogging helps you get them out there in your industry.
  • Increase Traffic: The basic fundamental of guest blogging is to get traffic one has a website which gets traffic. It’s that important, and guest blogging provides it.
  • Fill in a gap: From a long time if you can’t able to get new people on your site, invite other people to share on the blog in order to keep the frequency of posts up. By catching new people you fill the gap of new traffic.
  • Get Subscribers: The readers of a blog are more important than anything else, if you can get in front of an audience on another site; it’s likely that they’re going to subscribe to your feed. Subscribers are the life and soul of a blog.
  • Get Credit: When readers are used to reading posts written by a you , they sometimes assume that a guest post was written by you.
Guest blogging is a great situation for all parties involved. Blog owners win because they get excellent, free content for their site and bloggers win because they get more links and more subscribers on their blog.

Guest Blogging Guidelines:

Guest blog post submission process is extremely simple and as long as you follow these guidelines, almost guaranteed:
  • Relevant Content – To maximize the benefits of your article, it has to be on one of the topics covered on the blog, to ensure good response. Simply look at the list of categories to decide what content should be submitted.
  • Useful Information – People read blogs because they assume they are going to get useful information from them. Therefore, your writing style must not be trying too hard to sell itself.
  • Unique and Exclusive Content – article has to be uniquely written and not published else after approval. Failure to follow this simple rule will get your article deleted from our database.
  • Up to 3 Links per Article – You can take benefit of up to 3 links with desired anchor tags (obviously relevant) from your article and it could be from the body of article and Author details. You choose where to place the link, as long as you confirm to the rule.
  • Only Relevant Product Reviews – Self or affiliate promotions will not be accepted be it your product or someone else’s. You can include a link to site where you do those type of promotions but not linked directly.
  • Author Byline – You can include you image, real name or your “nickname”. I recommend that at least one of the links from your byline should lead to a page where readers can learn more about you.
  • Formatting –Will reject any submissions that have un-formated text. Do cross check to make sure, formatting is correct.
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