Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mobile Apps Economy [Infographic]

Did you know that over 50 Billion Mobile apps will be downloaded in 2012 alone (according to Mobile App Store GetJar)?
Mobile Apps are seeing unprecedented growth – Infact, selection of Apps is second most important factor that buyers look at before buying a smartphone. The first one is off course the Mobile OS itself!
SocialCast, a collaborative platform has put together a great infographic called “Mobile Affairs”, which gives you great insight as to how big the Mobile Apps Economy is getting.
Here is an interesting tidbit from the infographic - in-app purchases (virtual goods) have overtaken mobile advertisements as the main source of revenue for Apps developers.
That sure is an encouraging sign for Mobile App developers, who may not have to rely on on Ads to earn revenue from their apps.

Mobile Affairs [Infographic]

mobile commerce FINAL Mobile Apps Economy [Infographic]


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