Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lessons Learned In Life From 1 Year Old Son

beautiful baby boy
beautiful baby boy

Lessons Learned In Life
I never ever thought that my one year old son can teach me valuable lessons of life. Yes it’s true! Who could ever though that the lessons of life can come from a little boy who has not even learned to talk.
What I Need To Learn From My 1 Year Old Son
You can only apprehend the true meaning of love when you experience motherhood. Moreover, your highest level of endurance can only be tested when you deliver your baby. This is exactly what happened to me!
Every single day I am reliving my childhood doing silly things just to see my son laugh. And my Little master make everyone smile and laugh around him. I Guess nobody can be as carefree and happy as babies are!
Each one of us must have thought to themselves the key to be happier and empower ways to be successful in life.

The Way He Greets People
Whenever he looks around and observe someone looking at him he passes a smile. And then the other person tend to have a bright smile on their face.

He Is A Drama Master
When he wants something he becomes adamant to get it under any circumstances! There are times when there is something that is delicate or can hurt him; so during that time we try to divert his mind and give any other stuff. Initially, he doesn’t want to settle down but then within few minutes he starts enjoying “the new” thing.
I wonder can I learn something from him on how to be happy and be appreciative with what you have?
How He Forgets that…
Once in a while when he is being demanding I have to say No! And then he becomes silent and upset for few minutes and then comes back again in his usual self! He is getting naughtier day by day!
I wish I have the ability to forget and forgive people who upsets me!
His Range Of Changing Moods
Once in a while he gets moody and need my total attention; when he doesn’t get my attention he makes innocent faces towards me! I know how I used to fight with my husband whenever I thought I was not getting enough compassion. Now I have learned the art from my son on how to get attention with “just a look” that can say it all !
Smile Does Increase Your Face Value
The research suggests, on an average baby smiles more than 400 times a day. Woohoo!
No wonder why babies have lovely looks and the charming skin! So now you don’t need any beauty enhancement treatments just Smile.
How Silly and Little Objects Can Entertain Him
He loves playing with kitchen utensils, brooms and any other household thing. He brings a sense of joy and fun to any item of the house. I have literally stopped bringing toys for him now.  Won’t it be amazing if we find joy in doing little things; instead of running after materialist things.
Do share your observations on how you can actually live happier if you start thinking like a baby! Talk to that little baby inside you.


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