Saturday, 8 October 2011

Is It Really Possible To Gain Trust Of Your Partner After Cheating On Him/Her?

why men cheat

Do men in power easily get away after cheating on their wives ?
Do “we the people” rate our politicians based on their personal or professional lives?
My Take On It :-
I personally don’t really give a shit on what these politicians are up to in their personal lives– It’s not about why politicians cheat ? They cheat almost for the same reason like anyone else does. Point here is why men cheat or why women cheat ?
Recently, I read the news about one more politician cheating on his wife.
Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford , speaks about her husband’s recent affair admission.

She says “South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford says her husband’s affair with an Argentine woman broke a trust that he must earn back — first from his family, then his constituents”

why politicians cheat on their wives?
Why do some women/men give a second chance to their partners?
Ø To save the marriage ?
Ø Or to get regular financial support?
Ø For the sake of their kids?
Ø Or because they are not strong enough to walk out of the relationship and lead a new life?
Ø Or because they feel threatened from their partners and don’t speak out against them and continues enduring the pain of betrayal in the relationship ?
Every relationship requires hell lot of effort to gain trust for each other. Then how can anyone put that on stake for just few minutes of pleasure?


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