Saturday, 8 October 2011

If you can afford a prostitute, you can afford a housekeeper!

paying for sex

Yeah sounds interesting! Cindy Crawford has a perfect advice for cheating husbands who look for prostitutes to satisfy their never ending sexual desires!!!!!!!!!!!

She referred to those women who have to manage their household stuff with their professional life. They end up getting exhausted and hence they show less interest in their personal lives!

BUT HOLD ON! If the husband is well aware of the fact that his wife gets eXhausted because of overload of work and don’t show interest in fulfilling their sexual desires then does that mean they will look for prostitutes to satisfy their carnal desires??? That’s completely ridiculous! Instead of helping your wife in sharing her workload he would look out for prostitutes to satisfy his desires?

That makes me recall one statement which this guy made referring to the same kind of situation. He said “ I had various flicks but never ever paid to have sex and will never do that in the future” Doesn’t it hurt man’s ego to literally pay women for having sex?


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